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Indiana vs Ohio State, 1869-2011

This script computes and displays the record and game results of one team versus another.

This script operates on data from James Howell's web site. Thanks to James for creating and maintaining his excellent database.

Note: James' site contains only data for years when each team was considered 'major' (equivalent to today's I-A), and therefore will not necessarily yield true 'all-time' results.

Record of Indiana (vs Ohio State), 1869-2011

Site First Meeting Last Meeting Games Win % Wins Losses Ties Average Score
Any 1901 2011 85 0.171 12 68 5 9.99 25.25
Home 1904 2009 27 0.093 2 24 1 11.59 26.96
Away 1901 2011 58 0.207 10 44 4 9.24 24.45

Individual Game Results of Indiana (vs Ohio State), 1869-2011

Date   Opponent (record) Result Score Site
11/5/2011@*Ohio State (6-7)L2034
10/9/2010@*Ohio State (12-1)L1038
10/3/2009vs.*Ohio State (11-2)L1433
10/21/2006@*Ohio State (12-1)L344
10/22/2005vs.*Ohio State (10-2)L1041
10/23/2004@*Ohio State (8-4)L730
10/25/2003vs.*Ohio State (11-2)L635
9/28/2002@*Ohio State (14-0)L1745
9/29/2001vs.*Ohio State (7-5)L1427
10/31/1998vs.*Ohio State (11-1)L738
10/18/1997@*Ohio State (10-3)L031
11/16/1996vs.*Ohio State (11-1)L1727
11/18/1995@*Ohio State (11-2)L342
11/12/1994vs.*Ohio State (9-4)L1732
11/13/1993@*Ohio State (10-1-1)L1723
11/14/1992vs.*Ohio State (8-3-1)L1027
11/16/1991@*Ohio State (8-4)L1620
10/13/1990vs.*Ohio State (7-4-1)T2727
10/14/1989@*Ohio State (8-4)L3135
10/8/1988vs.*Ohio State (4-6-1)W417
10/10/1987@*Ohio State (6-4-1)W3110
10/11/1986vs.*Ohio State (10-3)L2224
10/12/1985@*Ohio State (9-3)L748
11/3/1984@*Ohio State (9-3)L750
11/5/1983vs.*Ohio State (9-3)L1756
10/23/1982vs.*Ohio State (9-3)L2549
10/24/1981@*Ohio State (9-3)L1029
10/18/1980@*Ohio State (9-3)L1727
10/13/1979@*Ohio State (11-1)L647
11/18/1978vs.*Ohio State (7-4-1)L1821
11/12/1977@*Ohio State (9-3)L735
10/30/1976vs.*Ohio State (9-2-1)L747
11/1/1975@*Ohio State (11-1)L1424
10/19/1974@*Ohio State (10-2)L949
10/20/1973vs.*Ohio State (10-0-1)L737
10/21/1972@*Ohio State (9-2)L744
10/16/1971vs.*Ohio State (6-4)L727
11/5/1966@*Ohio State (4-5)L07
11/6/1965@*Ohio State (7-2)L1017
10/3/1964@*Ohio State (7-2)L917
10/5/1963vs.*Ohio State (5-3-1)L021
11/10/1962@*Ohio State (6-3)L710
11/11/1961vs.*Ohio State (8-0-1)L716
11/5/1960@*Ohio State (7-2)L736
11/7/1959@*Ohio State (3-5-1)T00
10/18/1958@*Ohio State (6-1-2)L849
10/19/1957@*Ohio State (9-1)L056
11/10/1956@*Ohio State (6-3)L1435
11/5/1955@*Ohio State (7-2)L1320
9/25/1954@*Ohio State (10-0)L028
9/26/1953@*Ohio State (6-3)L1236
9/27/1952@*Ohio State (6-3)L1333
10/20/1951@*Ohio State (4-3-2)W3210
10/14/1950vs.*Ohio State (6-3)L1426
10/1/1949@*Ohio State (7-1-2)L746
10/16/1948vs.*Ohio State (6-3)L017
11/1/1947@*Ohio State (2-6-1)W70
11/4/1944@*Ohio State (9-0)L721
10/30/1943@*Ohio State (3-6)W2014
10/3/1942@*Ohio State (9-1)L2132
11/2/1940@*Ohio State (4-4)L621
11/4/1939@*Ohio State (6-2)L024
10/1/1938@*Ohio State (4-3-1)L06
11/6/1937@*Ohio State (6-2)W100
10/24/1936@*Ohio State (5-3)L07
10/26/1935vs.*Ohio State (7-1)L628
10/6/1934@*Ohio State (7-1)L033
11/4/1933@*Ohio State (7-1)L021
10/8/1932@*Ohio State (4-1-3)T77
10/31/1931vs.*Ohio State (6-3)L613
10/4/1930@*Ohio State (5-2-1)L023
10/26/1929@*Ohio State (4-3-1)T00
10/27/1928vs.*Ohio State (5-2-1)L013
11/7/1925@*Ohio State (4-3-1)L07
11/8/1924@*Ohio State (2-3-3)W127
11/3/1917vs.*Ohio State (8-0-1)L326
11/11/1916@*Ohio State (7-0)L746
11/6/1915@*Ohio State (5-1-1)L910
11/7/1914vs.*Ohio State (5-2)L313
11/1/1913@*Ohio State (4-2-1)W76
11/30/1905@Ohio State (non-IA)W110
10/29/1904vs.Ohio State (6-5)W80
11/28/1903@Ohio State (non-IA)W1716
11/27/1902@Ohio State (non-IA)T66
11/23/1901@Ohio State (non-IA)W186

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