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Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, 1869-2010

This script computes and displays the record and game results of one team versus another.

This script operates on data from James Howell's web site. Thanks to James for creating and maintaining his excellent database.

Note: James' site contains only data for years when each team was considered 'major' (equivalent to today's I-A), and therefore will not necessarily yield true 'all-time' results.

Record of Oklahoma (vs Oklahoma State), 1869-2010

Site First Meeting Last Meeting Games Win % Wins Losses Ties Average Score
Any 1912 2010 99 0.803 76 16 7 27.60 11.19
Home 1912 2009 47 0.809 37 8 2 28.34 9.60
Away 1913 2010 45 0.811 34 6 5 27.67 13.04
Neutral 1915 1944 7 0.714 5 2   22.14 10.00

Individual Game Results of Oklahoma (vs Oklahoma State), 1869-2010

Date   Opponent (record) Result Score Site
11/27/2010@*Oklahoma State (11-2)W4741
11/28/2009vs.*Oklahoma State (9-4)W270
11/29/2008@*Oklahoma State (9-4)W6141
11/24/2007vs.*Oklahoma State (7-6)W4917
11/25/2006@*Oklahoma State (7-6)W2721
11/26/2005vs.*Oklahoma State (4-7)W4214
10/30/2004@*Oklahoma State (7-5)W3835
11/1/2003vs.*Oklahoma State (9-4)W529
11/30/2002@*Oklahoma State (8-5)L2838
11/24/2001vs.*Oklahoma State (4-7)L1316
11/25/2000@*Oklahoma State (3-8)W127
11/27/1999vs.*Oklahoma State (5-6)W447
10/24/1998@*Oklahoma State (5-6)L2641
11/8/1997vs.*Oklahoma State (8-4)L730
11/9/1996@*Oklahoma State (5-6)W2717
11/11/1995vs.*Oklahoma State (4-8)L012
11/12/1994@*Oklahoma State (3-7-1)W3314
11/13/1993vs.*Oklahoma State (3-8)W310
11/14/1992@*Oklahoma State (4-6-1)T1515
11/16/1991vs.*Oklahoma State (0-10-1)W216
10/6/1990@*Oklahoma State (4-7)W3117
10/7/1989vs.*Oklahoma State (4-7)W3715
11/5/1988@*Oklahoma State (10-2)W3128
11/7/1987vs.*Oklahoma State (10-2)W2910
10/18/1986vs.*Oklahoma State (6-5)W190
11/30/1985@*Oklahoma State (8-4)W130
11/24/1984vs.*Oklahoma State (10-2)W2414
10/15/1983@*Oklahoma State (8-4)W2120
10/23/1982vs.*Oklahoma State (4-5-2)W279
11/28/1981@*Oklahoma State (7-5)W273
11/29/1980vs.*Oklahoma State (3-7-1)W6314
11/3/1979@*Oklahoma State (7-4)W387
11/18/1978vs.*Oklahoma State (3-8)W627
11/5/1977@*Oklahoma State (4-7)W6128
10/23/1976vs.*Oklahoma State (9-3)L2431
11/1/1975@*Oklahoma State (7-4)W277
11/30/1974vs.*Oklahoma State (7-5)W4413
12/1/1973@*Oklahoma State (5-4-2)W4518
12/2/1972vs.*Oklahoma State (6-5)W3815
12/4/1971@*Oklahoma State (4-6-1)W5814
11/28/1970vs.*Oklahoma State (4-7)W666
11/29/1969@*Oklahoma State (5-5)W2827
11/30/1968@*Oklahoma State (3-7)W417
12/2/1967vs.*Oklahoma State (4-5-1)W3814
12/3/1966@*Oklahoma State (4-5-1)L1415
12/4/1965vs.*Oklahoma State (3-7)L1617
11/28/1964@*Oklahoma State (4-6)W2116
11/30/1963vs.*Oklahoma State (1-8)W3410
12/1/1962@*Oklahoma State (4-6)W376
12/2/1961vs.*Oklahoma State (4-6)W2113
11/26/1960@*Oklahoma State (3-7)W176
11/28/1959vs.Oklahoma State (6-4)W177
11/29/1958@Oklahoma State (8-3)W70
11/30/1957vs.Oklahoma State (6-3-1)W536
12/1/1956@Oklahoma State (3-5-2)W530
11/26/1955vs.Oklahoma State (2-8)W530
11/27/1954@Oklahoma State (5-4-1)W140
11/28/1953vs.Oklahoma State (7-3)W427
11/29/1952@Oklahoma State (3-7)W547
12/1/1951vs.Oklahoma State (3-7)W416
12/2/1950@Oklahoma State (4-6-1)W4114
11/26/1949vs.Oklahoma State (4-4-2)W410
11/27/1948@Oklahoma State (6-4)W1915
11/29/1947vs.Oklahoma State (3-7)W2113
11/30/1946@Oklahoma State (3-7-1)W7312
11/24/1945vs.Oklahoma State (9-0)L047
11/25/1944vs.Oklahoma State (8-1)L628@ Oklahoma City, OK
10/2/1943vs.Oklahoma State (3-4)W2213@ Oklahoma City, OK
9/26/1942@Oklahoma State (6-3-1)T00
9/27/1941vs.Oklahoma State (5-4)W190
10/5/1940vs.Oklahoma State (6-3-1)W2927
10/28/1939vs.Oklahoma State (5-4-1)W410
11/24/1938@Oklahoma State (2-8)W190
11/20/1937vs.Oklahoma State (4-6)W160
11/26/1936@Oklahoma State (1-9)W3513
11/28/1935vs.Oklahoma State (3-7)W250
11/22/1934@Oklahoma State (4-5-1)T00
11/23/1933vs.Oklahoma State (6-2-1)L013
10/29/1932@Oklahoma State (9-1-2)L07
11/26/1931vs.Oklahoma State (8-2-1)T00
11/22/1930@Oklahoma State (7-2-1)L07
11/23/1929vs.Oklahoma State (4-3-2)T77
11/24/1928@Oklahoma State (1-7)W460
11/19/1927vs.*Oklahoma State (4-4)L713
11/25/1926@*Oklahoma State (3-4-1)T1414
11/26/1925vs.*Oklahoma State (2-5-1)W350
11/1/1924@Oklahoma State (6-1-2)L06
10/27/1923vs.Oklahoma State (2-8)W120
11/25/1922@Oklahoma State (4-4-1)T33
10/15/1921vs.Oklahoma State (5-4-1)W60
11/13/1920@Oklahoma State (0-7-1)W360
11/27/1919vs.*Oklahoma State (3-3-2)W336@ Oklahoma City, OK
11/28/1918vs.*Oklahoma State (4-2)W270@ Oklahoma City, OK
11/29/1917vs.*Oklahoma State (4-5)L09@ Oklahoma City, OK
11/30/1916vs.*Oklahoma State (4-4)W417@ Oklahoma City, OK
11/25/1915vs.*Oklahoma State (4-5-1)W267@ Oklahoma City, OK
11/6/1914vs.*Oklahoma State (6-2-1)W236
11/21/1913@Oklahoma State (non-IA)W70
11/16/1912vs.Oklahoma State (non-IA)W160

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