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Michigan vs Notre Dame, 1869-2010

This script computes and displays the record and game results of one team versus another.

This script operates on data from James Howell's web site. Thanks to James for creating and maintaining his excellent database.

Note: James' site contains only data for years when each team was considered 'major' (equivalent to today's I-A), and therefore will not necessarily yield true 'all-time' results.

Record of Michigan (vs Notre Dame), 1869-2010

Site First Meeting Last Meeting Games Win % Wins Losses Ties Average Score
Any 1898 2010 35 0.557 19 15 1 21.66 17.91
Home 1898 2009 19 0.632 12 7   19.37 13.74
Away 1942 2010 15 0.433 6 8 1 24.47 24.40
Neutral 1902 1902 1 1.000 1 0   23.00 0.00

Individual Game Results of Michigan (vs Notre Dame), 1869-2010

Date   Opponent (record) Result Score Site
9/11/2010@Notre Dame (8-5)W2824
9/12/2009vs.Notre Dame (6-6)W3834
9/13/2008@Notre Dame (7-6)L1735
9/15/2007vs.Notre Dame (3-9)W380
9/16/2006@Notre Dame (10-3)W4721
9/10/2005vs.Notre Dame (9-3)L1017
9/11/2004@Notre Dame (6-6)L2028
9/13/2003vs.Notre Dame (5-7)W380
9/14/2002@Notre Dame (10-3)L2325
9/4/1999vs.Notre Dame (5-7)W2622
9/5/1998@Notre Dame (9-3)L2036
9/27/1997vs.Notre Dame (7-6)W2114
9/10/1994@Notre Dame (6-5-1)W2624
9/11/1993vs.Notre Dame (11-1)L2327
9/12/1992@Notre Dame (10-1-1)T1717
9/14/1991vs.Notre Dame (10-3)W2414
9/15/1990@Notre Dame (9-3)L2428
9/16/1989vs.Notre Dame (12-1)L1924
9/10/1988@Notre Dame (12-0)L1719
9/12/1987vs.Notre Dame (8-4)L726
9/13/1986@Notre Dame (5-6)W2423
9/14/1985vs.Notre Dame (5-6)W2012
9/18/1982@Notre Dame (6-4-1)L1723
9/19/1981vs.Notre Dame (5-6)W257
9/20/1980@Notre Dame (9-2-1)L2729
9/15/1979vs.Notre Dame (7-4)L1012
9/23/1978@Notre Dame (9-3)W2814
10/9/1943vs.Notre Dame (9-1)L1235
11/14/1942@Notre Dame (7-2-2)W3220
11/6/1909vs.Notre Dame (non-IA)L311
10/17/1908vs.Notre Dame (non-IA)W126
10/18/1902vs.Notre Dame (6-2-1)W230@ Toledo, OH
11/17/1900vs.Notre Dame (6-3-1)W70
10/18/1899vs.Notre Dame (6-3-1)W120
10/23/1898vs.Notre Dame (non-IA)W230

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