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South Carolina vs North Carolina, 1869-2006

This script computes and displays the record and game results of one team versus another.

This script operates on data from James Howell's web site. Thanks to James for creating and maintaining his excellent database.

Note: James' site contains only data for years when each team was considered 'major' (equivalent to today's I-A), and therefore will not necessarily yield true 'all-time' results.

Record of South Carolina (vs North Carolina), 1869-2006

Site First Meeting Last Meeting Games Win % Wins Losses Ties Average Score
Any 1903 1991 52 0.346 16 32 4 10.62 15.90
Home 1903 1990 24 0.396 9 14 1 11.33 14.12
Away 1911 1991 26 0.327 7 16 3 10.00 16.50
Neutral 1910 1955 2 0.000 0 2   10.00 29.50

Individual Game Results of South Carolina (vs North Carolina), 1869-2006

Date   Opponent (record) Result Score Site
11/16/1991@North Carolina (7-4)L1721
9/8/1990vs.North Carolina (6-4-1)W275
11/11/1989@North Carolina (1-10)W2720
9/3/1988vs.North Carolina (1-10)W3110
9/3/1983vs.North Carolina (8-4)L824
10/24/1981@North Carolina (10-2)W3113
9/8/1979@North Carolina (8-3-1)L028
10/28/1978vs.North Carolina (5-6)L2224
10/22/1977@North Carolina (8-3-1)L017
10/26/1974vs.North Carolina (7-5)W3123
10/10/1970@*North Carolina (8-4)W3521
9/27/1969vs.*North Carolina (5-5)W146
9/28/1968@*North Carolina (3-7)W3227
9/23/1967vs.*North Carolina (2-8)W1610
10/24/1964@*North Carolina (5-5)L624
10/26/1963vs.*North Carolina (9-2)L07
10/20/1962@*North Carolina (3-7)L1419
10/21/1961vs.*North Carolina (5-5)L017
10/22/1960vs.*North Carolina (3-7)W226
10/10/1959@*North Carolina (5-5)L619
10/11/1958@*North Carolina (6-4)L06
11/9/1957@*North Carolina (6-4)L628
10/6/1956vs.*North Carolina (2-7-1)W140
11/5/1955vs.*North Carolina (3-7)L1432@ Norfolk, VA
11/6/1954@*North Carolina (4-5-1)L1921
11/7/1953vs.*North Carolina (4-6)W180
11/15/1952vs.*North Carolina (2-6)L1927
10/13/1951@*North Carolina (2-8)L621
11/18/1950vs.*North Carolina (3-5-2)L714
10/8/1949vs.*North Carolina (7-4)L1328
11/4/1944@*North Carolina (1-7-1)W60
11/6/1943vs.*North Carolina (6-3)L621
10/3/1942@*North Carolina (5-2-2)L618
9/27/1941@*North Carolina (3-7)W137
9/25/1937@*North Carolina (7-1-1)T1313
11/21/1936vs.*North Carolina (8-2)L014
11/9/1929vs.*North Carolina (9-1)L040
11/10/1928@*North Carolina (5-3-2)T00
10/15/1927vs.*North Carolina (4-6)W146
10/9/1926@*North Carolina (4-5)L07
10/3/1925vs.*North Carolina (7-1-1)L07
11/1/1924@*North Carolina (4-5)W107
11/3/1923vs.*North Carolina (5-3-1)L013
10/14/1922@*North Carolina (9-1)L710
10/15/1921vs.North Carolina (5-2-2)T77
10/16/1920@North Carolina (2-6)L07
10/12/1914@North Carolina (10-1)L048
10/18/1913vs.North Carolina (5-4)L313
11/9/1912@North Carolina (3-4-1)T66
11/11/1911@North Carolina (6-1-1)L021
11/19/1910vs.North Carolina (3-6)L627@ Durham, NC
10/10/1903vs.North Carolina (6-3)L017

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