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I-A Winning Percentage 1879-1888 (10 years)

(Teams not qualifying for the table are listed at the bottom.)

Rank Team name Winning

1 Michigan 0.71154 18 7 1 26
2 Navy 0.47727 10 11 1 22
3 Rutgers 0.35000 19 37 4 60

Teams not qualifying for the Win % table

Team Reason
Team Reason

Brown Not current I-A Bucknell Not current I-A
California 30% years Cincinnati 10% years
Colorado College Not current I-A Colorado Mines Not current I-A
Columbia Not current I-A Cornell Not current I-A
Dartmouth Not current I-A Denver Not current I-A

Duke 10% years Fordham Not current I-A
Georgetown Not current I-A Harvard Not current I-A
Indiana 20% years Kentucky 10% years
Lafayette Not current I-A Miami-Ohio 10% years
Minnesota 40% years New York U Not current I-A

North Carolina 10% years Northwestern 20% years
Notre Dame 20% years Penn State 20% years
Pennsylvania Not current I-A Princeton Not current I-A
Purdue 10% years Southern Cal 10% years
Villanova Not current I-A Virginia 10% years

Wake Forest 10% years Yale Not current I-A

What the "reason disqualified" values mean:
  • "n last" - Team's last data was in year n, before the end of the range (1888).
  • "n% years" - Team had data for only n% of years in the range, below the required 60%.
  • "n games" - Team had only n games in the specified range of years, below the required 5.
  • Not Current I-A - Team is not currently a I-A member, and you requested only I-A members.

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